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advertising and display advertising flag


Display and advertising inflatable  flag introduction:

sizecolorweightinflation timeproduction timepackingshipping time

6mstandard or customized5kg3 mins7 days25X23X20cm3~5 days

8m7kg5 mins7 days30X30X20cm

10m9kg7 mins7 days35X35X20cm

There are three heights of inflatable flags , 6 meters, 8 meters, 10 meters

flag (1).jpg
Two kinds of inflatable flag surface, single-sided printing inflatable flag surface, double-sided printing inflatable flag surface.
Flagpole of inflatable flag: Stock color flagpole, such as black, white, red, blue and gray

Printing flagpoles, monochrome printing specified by the customer, too complex colors cannot accept printing
The base of inflatable flag, generally a water bag, is used to add weight to the flag. If the customer has special requirements or has its own better weighting method, it is not necessary to choose the base.
Accessories: Usually ropes and ground nails, but because there is a water bag, the ground nail can only be fixed on the water bag.

Electric pump: The voltage of each country is different. The salesman will prompt which voltage electric pump to choose from different countries. The electric pump can be used to inflate or deflate, which can save installation and packing time.
The printing method is generally thermal transfer. If it is single-sided printing, it is very simple. One side is printed and the other side is not printed. If it is double-sided


printing, an extra layer of opaque cloth will be added in the middle to prevent the printing on both sides from affecting the appearance.

flag (3).jpg
Inflation time for display inflatable flag: Generally 3~5 minutes, find the position of the air nozzle and connect the electric pump.

TPU patch: If the inflatable flagpole is leaking, you can use the TPU patch to repair it, tear off the paper, and paste it on.

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