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Any good manufacturers for inflatable event tent ?
Inflatable furniture for sale is the tenet Dongguan KaiCheng Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. stick to. Call now! As a Professional Manufacturing Inflatable Products Manufacturer, KaiCheng Is Mainly Engaged in inflatable event tent Compared with other products in the same category, inflatable tents online has outstanding advantages which are mainly reflected in the following points. KaiCheng always provides customers with reasonable and efficient one-stop solutions based on the professional attitude.

What is the multi-media filter composed? What is a multi-media filter?The AGF fully automatic shallow filtration system is composed of several standard high-speed sand cylinder units,It has a unique water distributor and water collector inside,With a unique two-way automatic flushing valve,It can realize multiple standard high-speed sand cylinders in the normal system operation, one by one, separate backwashing,Fully automatic program control.With small amount of water backwashing,Easy installation of equipment,Easy to operate and other advantages.The device has a large flow,No maintenance required.According to different user requirements,There are two series of vertical and horizontal.Suitable for water quality treatment of industrial and civil circulating water systems.What is a multi-media filter?After years of efforts to combine foreign technology,A new generation of new filter AGF fully automatic shallow filtration system with independent intellectual property rights has been developed,The product has

How to divide the filter level into C, T, A, H Precision filter It is mostly used to protect the whole system after the air compressor rear cooler or before the freeze dryer and other filters;It can filter out a large number of solid particles of liquid and more than 3 microns,The minimum residual oil is only 5ppm.It is mostly used in the upstream or downstream of the adsorption dryer to ensure that the air used by the system is completely oil-free,It can be filtered out as small as 0.01 Micron liquid and solid particles,The minimum residual oil is only 0.001ppm.Remember to install a T-level air pipeline filter upstream to protect it.The filter element is treated with special activated carbon penetration,It can completely absorb the odor of gases such as hydrocarbons to meet the high quality air quality requirements of complete tasteless and odor-free,Such as food,Drugs,Breathe air, etc.Remember to install a class a super efficient oil removal filter upstream to protect it.It can be filtered out as sm
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