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Can we arrange the inflatable chair and ottoman shipment by ourselves or by our agent?
Dongguan KaiCheng Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. provides comprehensive and reasonable solutions based on customer's specific situations and needs. KaiCheng's inflatable furniture can play an important role in various fields. KaiCheng runs a scientific and rigorous quality control system. We strictly monitor every link in the production, including design, material selection, production, quality inspection, and delivery. inflatable chair and ottoman have passed the national safety certification. They meet the international quality inspection standards. KaiCheng is looking forward to developing a better future with you. The inflatable tent series is widely praised by customers.

What is the maximum flow rate of the bag filter, and what is the filtering accuracy? How long is the service life of the filter bag? The flow rate of the bag filter of different specifications is different. according to the filter level, there are different filtering accuracy. the service life of the filter bag is different according to the use environment, and there will be differences, you 'd better find a manufacturer who makes filters to ask them for information, which is marked in it.

What paint does quartz sand filter spray? It is mainly to filter out a large number of solid particles in the water or impurities that are easier to precipitate through the medium,Further purification of raw water.In the pretreatment process, raw water is allowed to enter the quartz sand filter from top to bottom, from small to large, and the filter material of different sizes is filtered layer by layer,All impurities such as particulate matter, colloid and organic matter in the water are trapped,Effectively reduce the turbidity of water.Determine the recoil timing of quartz sand filters according to the condition of equipment head loss or the time of filter operation.Through the opening and closing of various valve bodies configured on the quartz sand filter, the quartz sand filter material inside the equipment is backwashed,After flushing the debris deposited on the medium,The device then entered a new filter cycle.It is the preliminary treatment of pure water preparation,An important
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