The first Asia manufacture of airtight tent, since 2006 

Could you please say sth about the details of dome tent canopy ?
The tenet that Dongguan KaiCheng Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. carries is blow up garden furniture. Welcome to visit our factory! The Domestic Top Manufacturer of dome tent Compared with products in the industry, KaiCheng's inflatable tent has the outstanding advantages which are mainly reflected in the following aspects. KaiCheng has many years of industrial experience and great production capability. We are able to provide customers with quality and efficient one-stop solutions according to different needs of customers.

Filter for wind power! Who knows which company produces wind power filters in the environmental protection and purification industry? The wind power filter sold by Shanghai is aimed at the particularity of new energy industries such as wind power and nuclear power,Depending on the severity of the application environment,We have specially developed the filter material of different air filters and the welding technology of unique industrial equipment,It has been recognized by domestic and foreign wind power equipment manufacturers.

How is pure water produced? Pure water is an ordinary water,The mineral content in the water is greatly reduced,Disinfection and sterilization at the same time,Such water has become 'pure water '.The dialysis project is one of the separation projects by membrane technology,Its principle is to use ions to migrate through selective ion exchange membrane under the action of DC electric field,The process of separating electrolyte ions from parts of the solution.1.2.Seawater desalination, of pure water,'Ozone' is now recommended ',After ozone disinfection,No residue.Requirements for the establishment of natural mineral water plant, mineral water diversion process, aeration process, filtration and disinfection process, inflatable process, filling process, bottle washing process, mineral water process and its production line, mineral water inspection and sanitary management, mineral water quality control, the production process of Japanese mineral water, the quality control an
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