The first Asia manufacture of airtight tent, since 2006 

Does KCCE enjoy high popularity?
KCCE has been exporting its high quality inflatable columns for years. Dongguan KaiCheng Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. intends to be quality, excellent and efficient in the business. To guarantee quality, we greatly value sincere service and carry out standardized management and fine production. All these ensure that quality products and satisfactory services are in stable supply. inflatable ottoman developed and produced by KaiCheng is widely applied to many industries and fields. It can fully meet the diversified needs of customers. The air barrels series has become a hot product of KaiCheng. The material of inflatable columns enhances its performance and enhance its market competitiveness. Made from high-quality waterproof materials, it can be used in the rainy day. The product can be widely applied to different fields. Its air intake valve ensures that the air doesn't leak easily. The products receive a wide recognition for the good quality and favorable price. If you want to know more information, please contact us!

How to crack the circulating water filter of the boiler device? Hello,It is recommended that you choose a filter with good corrosion resistance,If the filtered fluid is highly corrosive,You can also add lining materials that are resistant to strong acid and alkali corrosion inside the filter,You can find out about the stainless steel filter,Hope to help you!

Does the water purifier drink water through cotton, granular carbon and compressed carbon? Yes.1. this one adopts two-stage filtration: remove more than 5 μm plankton and material in water with 1 μm or 5 μ mPP cotton polypropylene fiber filter element to clarify the water source; pressing stick rod-shaped activated carbon filter with 5 mu mCTO can effectively absorb the color odor in the water, partially remove organic and inorganic impurities, effectively absorb the residual chlorine in the water, and improve the taste of the water, only adapt to high-quality drinking water source. Better than single-stage filtration. Generally, the water source of tap water cannot be drunk after filtration.2, the basic working principle of water purifier:Most water purifiers are gradually structured by the principle of screen blocking and filtration, which are connected by the first and end of the multi-stage filter element. the precision of the filter element is arranged from low to high in order to realize the multi-st
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