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How can I track my inflatable yard tent ?
Dongguan KaiCheng Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. provides comprehensive and reasonable solutions based on customer's specific situations and needs. KaiCheng's air barrels can play an important role in various fields. KaiCheng runs a scientific and rigorous quality control system. We strictly monitor every link in the production, including design, material selection, production, quality inspection, and delivery. inflatable yard tent have passed the national safety certification. They meet the international quality inspection standards. KaiCheng is looking forward to developing a better future with you. The inflatable tents online series is widely praised by customers.

What are the main materials for air purifiers? There are many different technologies and media in the air purifier,Enables it to provide clean and safe air to users.Common Air purification technologies are: low Temperature Asymmetric plasma air purification technology, adsorption technology, negative ion technology, negative oxygen ion technology, molecular complex technology, photo catalyst technology, HEPA high efficiency filtration technology, electrostatic dust collection technology, reactive oxygen species technology, etc;The main materials and technologies are: photo catalyst, activated carbon, synthetic fiber, HEAP high-efficiency material, negative ion generator, etc.1. asymmetric plasma at low temperature.Asymmetric plasma module at low temperature,Asymmetric plasma electric field is formed by high-voltage and high-frequency pulse discharge,So that a large number of plasma in the air impact step by step.To produce an electrochemical reaction,Rapid degradation of toxic and harmful gases, liv

The charcoal used for barbecue is not considered charcoal. can it be used to make a simple water filter Totally OK!I have a device like this in my house.But I made a larger stainless steel barrel,About 150 liters!There are three layers inside,The lowest layer is fine sand,Charcoal in the middle,The top is a small stone.At the lowest level,Let the water slowly penetrate into the upper layer,So that small particles will settle down,The water I use is spring water.This can be used as a small experiment,Put charcoal in with unwanted stockings,Try it in a glass of muddy water,But the charcoal of the barbecue is fragile,
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