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How does KaiCheng manufacture camping dome tents for sale ?
Dongguan KaiCheng Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. upholds a spirit to be down-to-earth and fearless in the development. Now we have many honors and certifications. KaiCheng is located in a place with traffic convenience. There are highways, railways, and airports. With a focus on customers, KaiCheng analyzes problems from the perspective of customers and provides comprehensive, professional and excellent solutions. KaiCheng improves production efficiency by introducing advanced production equipment at home and abroad. We guarantee product quality based on a complete quality and production management system. We are able to provide quality ODM/OEM services for customers.

Ultra-filtration water purifier, under what circumstances do you need to add pp cotton pre-filter? At present, the ultra-filtration water purifier on the market is basically Grade 4, pp cotton-front activated carbon-ultra-filtration membrane-rear activated carbon. Generally speaking, the first two grades are pre-treated. First, the particles with larger diameter are filtered out, and then further processed to the UF Membrane. Finally, the rear activated carbon is used to improve the taste. The 4-stage filtration can extend the life of the water purifier very well. regardless of the water quality, it is recommended to add a pre-filter before the UF membrane. The water source is poor. when it is hoped to protect the service life of the UF membrane for a longer period, the front filter can be added. Generally, the main effect of PP cotton and activated carbon pp cotton is to remove large particles of sediment and rust, if there is a large amount of sediment, rust and other visible impurities in the water, it is

Do you want a filter for an ice machine? You don't use Aihui Pu to make ice to find a domestic water purifier that has higher filtration accuracy than Aihui Pu. besides, Aihui Pu has good taste, but the actual filtration accuracy is not as good as that of a domestic one. if you use a domestic one, aihuipu is not bad to use together! Need, if the water quality is good, also can not need However, it is best to add one, so that you can rest assured with ice and have some responsible persons Added only to replace the inner core regularly
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