The first Asia manufacture of airtight tent, since 2006 

How many inflatable structures for sale are produced by KaiCheng per year?
Dongguan KaiCheng Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. upholds a spirit to be down-to-earth and fearless in the development. Now we have many honors and certifications. The natural resources around KaiCheng are abundant. The geographical condition is excellent which brings developed information and traffic convenience. With rich manufacturing experience and strong production capability, KaiCheng is able to provide professional solutions according to customers' actual needs. KaiCheng is able to undertake the manufacture of inflatable structures for sale and provide complete ODM/OEM services. We have a large-scale scientific research and production base, multi advanced production equipment and a professional design and production team.

Is it reasonable for multi-media filters, self-cleaning filters, ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis, and mixing beds to be equipped in water treatment? Multi-media filter ultra-filtration reverse osmosis is only a process for producing pure water,If you use all this, it's not reasonable,The water you produce is estimated to reach 18 m,You can clean the circuit board directly---Multi-media filter,And the self-cleaning filter can be used in the pretreatment of reverse osmosis in the ultrasonic self-cleaning filter of Qinhuangdao century source,The added ultrasonic function has sterilization,The function of cleaning,Accuracy up to 2 microns.With the production of super-wave ultraviolet sterilizer,Super wave to remove wall dirt,Ensure that UV penetration is not affected,The sterilizer is thorough.

Can the plastic bucket of Tupperware's self-brewed wine be used on year 56? 1. it is best not to use ordinary plastic buckets,To use food-grade plastic barrels, glass bottles, ceramic cans, stainless steel barrels and other containers to ferment wine.2. it can also be transferred after several days of fermentation,There is also an aerobic cycle in industrial production,So there is no problem with the transfer.3. the answer from others just said that it should be sealed to death,The fermentation process will produce a large amount of carbon dioxide gas,If you want to make a small explosion,You try to seal it to death!Suggestions,Just seal,Don't seal it!!Otherwise it will not be safe!4. method of wine brewing: first, when buying grapes,You can pick some ripe grapes,Even if it is a few scattered grapes, it doesn't matter. These grapes are easy to ferment,Two is relatively low price.However, what you do now is to drink by yourself. Generally, you will still buy some grapes.Two, wash grapes.Because there are likel
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