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How to Assemble and Disassemble of Inflatable Tent


Compared with traditional tents, inflatable tents are lighter in weight, smaller in volume and more convenient in transportation, with many advantages over traditional tents. And one of the key advantages is the inflatable tent can be set up and used simply and conveniently compared with the traditional tents.




The use of inflatable tent is very simple, whether large or small inflatable tent, 1-2 people can install and remove, using the high-pressure electric pump to inflate a tent with a size of 60 square meters only need 15 minutes, the inflatable tent itself has a creative, high-quality, so it is suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities as a good shelter for people, etc.




The video tells us how to set up, first of all, open the packed inflatable tent, tiling the ground, and then take out the inside accessories, such as electric air pump, stakes, ropes, repair kit, tent awnings, tent walls. When everything is ready, find the inflating valve on the tube of the tent, attach the electric pump to inflate the tent. open the electric pump switch to start inflating and stop inflating till the inflatable tent completely stand and tubes become hard. (usually, the large tent has two valves, when one valve is closed, please check the other one). In the case of strong wind force, the inflatable tent needs to be fixed with the ground stakes and ropes to make sure it is wind against.



Easy to build and easy to dismantle. First, remove the stakes and ropes which hold the inflatable tent. Then open the inflatable valve and let air off till the tent fall down. There is some extra air hard to be deflation, use the electric pump deflation side to deflate the air from the inflatable tent. Fold the tent as the video and pack it tightly and nicely.




Of course, inflatable tents still have some points need to be careful, being careful is the best way to extend the life of inflatable tents. The terrain must be carefully surveyed before the inflatable tent is erected, and no Rolling Stones, rolling logs or stones should be placed above the camp. Do not set up tents near the river and on dry riverbeds during the rainy season. In addition, to prevent lightning strikes, do not put the inflatable tents on the top of mountains or open fields; In the mud or sand installation, you can dig drains around the tent to ensure that the interior of the tent is dry.

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