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How to go through the inflatable tabourat customization?
Dongguan KaiCheng Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. takes pride in its unique culture and great organizational soul, and we will not let you down. Inquire now! Focus on the Manufacturing Inflatable Products Business for Years, a Professional Leader in the Manufacturing Inflatable Products Industry Compared with other products in the same category, inflatable sofa has outstanding advantages which are mainly reflected in the following points. KaiCheng is committed to providing customers with high-quality inflatable tabourat as well as one-stop, comprehensive and efficient solutions.

The air compressor uses a dryer and a filter. there is still water and oil? Do you mean water and oil on the client side? First, the problem of oil: 1. the filter oil filter at the front end of the chiller has failed. 2. the amount of oil brought out by the air compressor is large. Two, the question of water: first ask if you are using an adsorption dryer? Not clear. Where? Look closer. How long has it been, is there water in the air compressor itself to make it clear that the water and oil of the air compressor itself will be discharged.

Production process of aviation filter See this title,I knew you were a layman in the industry.Then I will briefly introduce you to what is 'air filter,And the production process of air filters '.First of all, aviation is used on an airplane,In fact, there is no filter installed to reduce the weight itself.So how to filter?Generally, it is filtered during refueling,The fuel truck filter element and the fuel truck sub-vehicle filter element are coarse, medium and efficient,And dehydration and filtration of aviation kerosene.As for the process of air filter,This generally refers to the implementation of standards!As for the implementation of standards, you need to provide related products for civil aviation or military,The standards adopted are basically the same. only some of the indicators will be stricter.
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