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Inflatable Cartoon of OPPO brand


Inflatable cartoon Little O is an inflatable product authorized by OPPO to Dongguan Kaicheng Outdoor Products co., LTD.(below short as KCCE)

OPPO launched the first "smiley phone" in 2008, which started the journey of exploring and leading the “being perfect”  technology. Today, OPPO enables global consumers to enjoy the “being perfect” technology with its smart terminal products with Find and R series mobile phones as the core, as well as Internet services such as OPPO+.

"Being perfect" is the essence of the OPPO brand, which conveys OPPO's pursuit of perfection and determination to achieve perfection. The ultimate beauty not only represents the pursuit of perfection but also represents the pursuit of beauty and art.

Dongguan KCC has been cooperating with OPPO since 2008 and has been cooperating for 10 years, which is a win-win cooperation. KCCE has been following the requirements of the OPPO brand for "being perfect", striving to make each product exquisite and beautiful.

OPPO products include:

Inflatable cartoon

Inflatable single arch

Inflatable double arch

During the OPPO mobile sales season,

Order 3000 inflatable cartoons per month

Order 1000 inflatable arches per month

This year, OPPO has placed around 8,000 orders for inflatable cartoons. KCCE is busy with making these inflatable cartoons.

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