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Inflatable Isolation Tent


due to policy reasons, we do not have the qualification to privately transport related medical supplies such as masks to our dear friends, but our country has provided related medical protective supplies to dozens of countries.

At a regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on March 18, a reporter asked: The current outbreak has spread and spread in many places around the world. Many countries have submitted requests for assistance to China. Which countries have China provided medical aid to so far? Can you tell us the specific types and quantities of medical aid?
Geng Shuang: According to the information I currently have, the Chinese government has delivered medical protection supplies to Pakistan, Laos, Thailand, Iran, South Korea, Japan and other countries and the AU, and has provided a $ 20 million donation to WHO. Dozens of countries including Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Serbia, European Union, Cambodia, Philippines, Egypt, South Africa, Iraq, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Cuba, Chile, etc. provide assistance in the fight against epidemic materials and support friendly countries in Purchasing medical supplies in the Chinese market. In addition to the central government level, China's local governments, enterprises and non-governmental organizations have also acted to actively provide donations to relevant countries.
In addition, China has also shared China's experience in diagnosis, treatment and prevention by sending medical expert groups to Iran, Iraq, Italy and other countries, and holding video conferences with relevant countries and international organizations.
I voted for Mu Tao and reported it to Qiong Yao, which is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. We will never forget the political support provided by the international community to China at the time of the worst epidemic in China, and the anti-epidemic materials assistance provided by 79 countries and 10 international organizations to the Chinese people. Facing the severe situation that the epidemic is spreading globally, we are willing to continue to strengthen international cooperation with all parties in the fight against the epidemic, to jointly meet the challenges of the global pandemic, and to jointly promote the building of a community of shared future for humanity.

KCCE will develop a new type of isolation inflatable tent that can be used for personal or family isolation. Many news reports say that many foreign friends who like outdoor activities do not like to stay at home. They go out for excuses and walk the dog 38 times a day. We The isolated inflatable tent can provide you with a private space and also protect you.

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