The first Asia manufacture of airtight tent, since 2006 

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KCCE Inflatable New Design Tent


Within three months
2,996 film and television companies went bankrupt
More than 12,000 education and training institutions disappeared
11,000 tourism companies closed down
More than 50,000 small restaurants closed for transfer
780 million people in China are in debt
47.2% have overdue
Unemployed and unemployed continue to rise
In 2020, your company will let you work normally every day and be the winner.
KCCE workers are still working overtime on orders. These include inflatable medical tents, inflatable disinfection tent,  inflatable furniture and inflatable advertising tents, as well as some newly developed samples from customers.
KCCE is willing to work with customers to face all market changes and develop new products to face market changes.

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