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KCCE top inflatable shade manufacturer

KCCE top inflatable shade manufacturer

KCCE top inflatable shade manufacturer

Product Name
Inflatable dome tent
Customized color
Patent Product
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T/T; Paypal, Western Union
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13-15 days
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Product Description

X-Tent Inflatable Marquees are the latest and greatest in branded outdoor marquees giving you maximum impact at any event. Made from high quality waterproof materials they are made for the outdoors creating the perfect shelter form the elements. They are extremely portable and easy to set-up or pack up in no time at all without the need for chunky hardware.
Printed in vibrant full colour for maximum impact they will be sure to make your brand stand out from the crowd. X-Tents also have the ability to be customised with a range of extra printed panels and can even be joined together with archways. Included as standard, ground pegs, internal water bags located in the feet and tie downs ensure that these behemoths will stay put even in windy conditions. All inflatable marquees are supplied with an electric pump for ease of inflation.
Check out our full range of products to compliment your marquee with our X-Tent Inflatable Marquee furniture.

Strong PVC Base
To prevent any potential damage from rough surfaces all our inflatable marquees are re-enforced with durable PVC on the base of the legs.
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Overflow Valve
To prevent overinflation all our inflatable marquees include a pressure sensitive overflow valve so you can set it to inflate without worry
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Zig Zag Stitching
Zig-zag stitching is used across the board as standard on our marquees to increase lifespan and ensuring panels cannot seperate.
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Air Intake Valve
Premium air intake valves are used to ensure your marquee can be inflated with ease and closed off without leaks
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YKK Zippers
Good quality zippers are very important when attaching and detaching your optional wall coverings and prints. YKK zippers allow access from both sides.
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Water Weight Bags
Circular water bags that can be easily attached to the legs are included with your marquee to ensure that it stays secure. Tie down ropes and pegs are also included for use outdoors on a soft surface.
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Our LED light fits perfectly below the tube intersection at the top of the Event Tent. The brightness can be easily adjusted using the attached dimmer, to set the desired mood inside the tent.
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The Block-Building System behind the KCCE EVENT® Inflatable Event Tent provides you with maximum versatility and convenience. Anytime and anywhere, You can easily replace the problematic part and make the work more lasting and interesting.
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Tent size
Wall H
Packing Size

Product Features

▎ Eye catching appearance

▎ New branded air sealed system, no need continuous air flowing,

▎ environment-friendly, light and portable

▎ Smart assemble and disassemble, easy for exchange and maintenance.

▎ Professional LED lighting system provides enough light for the event activity and increase the attention to the brand

▎ Durable material , careful reinforcement treatment,

▎ Since 2006, 12 years producing experience

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    Brand printing

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    Zigzag Sewing 

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    Over Pressure Valve

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    Leg center

  • KCCE top inflatable shade manufacturer-17

    LED light systm

  • KCCE top inflatable shade manufacturer-18

    YKK Zipper

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Layers leg frame
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Durable PVC bottom

Best material

Durable material, water-proof, fire-proof polyester fabric, liner soft TPU, Passed SGS certification with Cpai-84 standard in USA
Intelligent assembly and disassembly  , used the zipper to connect.YKK zipper for walls and awnings
Custom logo printed.
Light weight and portable. Fast and easy install , only 10-20 minutes.
Stay at least 30 days after top up the air.

KCCE inflatable marquee tent is made with good application of high technology. As technology continues to update, the packaging capabilities of this product are guaranteed. Its export is based on our 10-year export business experience
KCCE inflatable marquee tent has passed the flammability test. The testing principle is simple. The ignition source is applied to it in a standardized manner and any smoldering or combustion behavior is recorded. Its quantity and quality are guaranteed by our 3 high-speed production lines
KCCE inflatable shade requires precision casting. Its components and parts have to go through casting, cutting, thermal treating, surfacing polishing, and so on. Its material is strictly selected under the ISO 9001 system
KCCE inflatable shade consists of various electrical components. They include gears, pistons, engines and other moving parts, all is of high quality. The glue used for it is of high viscosity and is environmentally friendly
The development of KCCE inflatable shade has taken different factors into consideration. They are mainly structure fabrication, mechanical parts stability, welding quality, and the whole machine efficiency. The product has strong oil proofness
inflatable shade has established the product image of high quality, attractive appearance, and inflatable marquee tent. It greatly bears piercing and tears
The experiments reveal that inflatable shade is much more practical, it can be extended to any other kinds of inflatable marquee tent. All size of the product could be produced
inflatable marquee tent is such characteristics of inflatable marquee tent produced by Dongguan KaiCheng Outdoor Products Co., Ltd.. The product is well recognized by our partners such as A.O.Smith, GAC Motor, and Rnice
By integrating inflatable marquee tent and inflatable marquee tent, Dongguan KaiCheng Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. is able to produce finest inflatable marquee tent. It will not cause any pollution because it is easy to decompose
In a flock of inflatable shade, inflatable marquee tent has many good virtues such as [拓展关键词. Its paper surface is smooth and will not scratch the cargo
This product makes the buildings more energy-efficient. I will definitely choose this for my future building to save money in the long run. - One of our buyers say. Its manufacturing is based on our industry-leading technologies
Some buyers agree that this product plays a critical role in ensuring the strength and durability of the building project that is constructed. Each is cut in a precise way to guarantee the consistent specification
The product is widely recognized for its endurance for ages and is considered a energy-efficient solution for modern building construction. It greatly bears piercing and tears
The product is able to yield significant improvements in the comfort and cost-effectiveness of home decoration or building construction projects. Each is cut in a precise way to guarantee the consistent specification
This product features durability without compromising safety. It satisfies the most demanding construction projects. - One of our buyers say. It greatly bears piercing and tears
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