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KCCE Women's Day


Dongguan Kaicheng Outdoor Products Co., Ltd., (short as KCCE)since its establishment 14 years ago, has always respected the personal value and emotion of each employee.

KCCE Colleagues will organize mountain climbing, parties, and singing together on weekends. There will be banquets on holiday companies. For KCCE employees, everyone who works hard is important.
On March 8th Women's Day this year, just as the epidemic is raging, every KCCE employee is working hard to get the product to the customer. Every KCCE employee is doing his best.
In such a busy atmosphere, KCCE Adult Affairs Department still prepared gifts for every female employee of KCCE. Chocolate represents sweet life and roses represent love. KCCE company hopes that every female employee of KCCE will be healthy and happy.
KCCE inflatable products, 14 years of experience to achieve high quality, ingenuity to create each product, responsible for each customer, is the direction of each KCCE colleagues work together.

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