The first Asia manufacture of airtight tent, since 2006 

What are key manufacturers for inflatable camping tent ?
How to open the front filter? Water water purifier pre-filter with a special wrench rotating counter-clockwise open.The front filter for aquarium breeding is opened and mixed.The product specification shall prevail. What filter?

With rich manufacturing experience and strong production capability, Dongguan KaiCheng Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. is able to provide professional solutions according to customers' actual needs. KaiCheng's inflatable chair is widely used in various industries and fields. KaiCheng sticks to the eco-friendly concept in the production. inflatable camping tent , made of imported quality fabrics, are portable and soft. They are safe, non-toxic, wear-resistant and flame retardant. They can be used in many places, such as amusement places, business clubs, and others. For product information, please feel free to contact KaiCheng. our company's inflatable furniture is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers.

What is the role of the front filter? The front filter is usually installed after the water inlet pipe water meter,It is the first coarse filtration equipment for the whole house water,It can filter large particles such as sediment and rust in tap water,The front filter is the nemesis of secondary pollution,It is a reliable impurity filtration device.It is usually a 'T' type structure.The 'one horizontal' position above is the inlet and outlet respectively at the left and right ends.The 'one vertical' position below is the cylindrical filter screen inside and inside the body,The lower end is the sewage outlet,Control opening and closing by a valve.The front filter is generally installed at the front end of the pipe,So to 'front' two words to name;And 'filter ',It refers to the basic principles of such equipment.According to the working principle, it is divided into: laminated filter, flush filter, siphon filter and backwashing filter,Among them, the backwashing front filter has greatly improved
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