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What are main products for KaiCheng to export?
KCCE has been dedicating to offering the most professional service and best quality inflatable sofa for customers. Dongguan KaiCheng Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. always focuses on staff management and sci-tech innovation. During business operation, we attentively make progress and improve ourselves, so as to gain achievement in the Manufacturing Inflatable Products industry. We always look forward to creating brilliance with new and old customers. inflatable arch's application range is specifically as follows. KaiCheng's inflatable tents online is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. The strong functionality of the product can be proved by the increasing sales. The product provides quick anchoring with free sandbags, stakes, and ropes. The product can be used in many fields and has huge market potential. Made of PVC, it is significantly lightweight. If you would like to purchase our products, please contact us as soon as possible.

What are the filter materials for air purifiers? Filter material for air purifiers,1. filter, activated carbon and hepa are also available here.2. negative ion type.3, light catalyst.From the filter raw materials of the air purifier,At present, there are only four kinds in the market.1. the first one is a coarse filter screen,The main material is generally stainless steel mesh;2. the second one is generally HEPA filter screen,But there's a difference between this,Like some companies,It uses the nc hepa filter,This is different from a separate HEPA filter,The air purifier used the eighth generation of nc hepa filter screen,The main material is nano-fiber carbon;3. The third is a composite filter screen,The main function is to remove harmful substances such as odor and formaldehyde,The main material is the gold fiber of hacf coconut shell;4. The fourth is the photo catalyst filter screen,The main role is to remove bacteria, viruses, mites, etc,The main materials are titanium dioxide and light catalyst formed

What is the working principle of the heat collector? What is PM? How much radius of particles can the efficient filter out? The runner heat exchanger is a continuously rotating honeycomb wheel,The runner core adopts special metal aluminum foil as the carrier,And special polymer materials with properties such as heat storage and moisture absorption on their surface,According to the body of a closed incubator installed in a left and right or upper and lower separation area,The wheel is driven by the transmission device.After the outdoor fresh air is filtered by the filter, it enters the heat exchange runner for heat exchange treatment,The processed fresh air is sent to the workshop or process place by the air supply fan machine.After the indoor exhaust air is filtered by the filter, it enters the heat exchange runner for heat exchange treatment,The exhaust fan is then arranged outdoors.Under normal circumstances,The runner work area is divided into upper part through outdoor fresh air,Exhaust air through
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