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What are main products to KaiCheng?
KCCE brand is in the lead of designing, manufacturing, selling and serving of inflatable tent industry. Dongguan KaiCheng Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. always focuses on staff management and sci-tech innovation. During business operation, we attentively make progress and improve ourselves, so as to gain achievement in the Manufacturing Inflatable Products industry. We always look forward to creating brilliance with new and old customers. inflatable shapes's application range is specifically as follows. KaiCheng's inflatable shapes is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. inflatable spider tent endows with excellent technique and stable quality. It is great for creating brand awareness and helping promote a trade show or outdoor event. The product has significant development advantages compared to other product. The product is water and flame resistant. KaiCheng is committed to providing high-quality products at affordable prices. Customers in need are welcome to contact us.

The relationship between the appearance size of the high efficiency filter and the tuyere specification, and the air volume The high-efficiency filter air inlet is the end device in the air purification system,In a broad sense, it also includes a layer flow cover,Fan filter unit (FFU ),Air supply equipment such as air purifier.There are several kinds of structures in it,The air inlet is made of a combination of an efficient filter and a air inlet,It also includes loose flow plates.The surface is treated with plastic spray or paint,It has a hanging ring welded,Screw and nut (for pressing high efficiency filter ),Air inlet flange,In the static pressure box, there is also a high-efficiency filter with conventional size and air volume. the air inlet specification depends on the high-efficiency filter specifications inside it,The air volume is usually 500M3/H,1000M3/H,Three specifications of 500m3/H,The internal high efficiency filter is 320*320*220 respectively.484*484*220.610*610*150.Efficient filters such as

The deep well water in the home is a bit yellow. how to make a self-made filter device, the more detailed the better. First,Cotton filtration,Remove impurities from the water,The second way,Activated carbon filtration,Remove small impurities and odors from the water,The third way,Disinfection,Ozone can be selected if conditions permit,No conditions to choose chlorine,Fourth,Cotton filtration,When the second filter is prevented,Small carbon foam appears.
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