The first Asia manufacture of airtight tent, since 2006 

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Inflatable geometric shapes is our eternal tenet. Check it! The Domestic Top Manufacturer of inflatable furniture manufacturer Compared with products in the industry, Dongguan KaiCheng Outdoor Products Co., Ltd.'s inflatable tent has the outstanding advantages which are mainly reflected in the following aspects. KaiCheng has many years of industrial experience and great production capability. We are able to provide customers with quality and efficient one-stop solutions according to different needs of customers.

Difference between air purifier and air filter The air filter is physically used,The substance that can be removed is the dust of bacteria and a certain range of diameter;The purifier is a harmful substance that can purify the air,Some purifiers kill harmful bacteria by chemical decomposition of harmful substances such as formaldehyde,However, some air purifiers have dust removal effects,There are no.If you want to use it yourself, buy about one thousand negative ion air purifiers.Qingworld environmental protection company is very good.You can check it online.Since the company has been involved in drafting national standards,Quite a regular company.Whether you buy that one, you should choose a good after-sales service.Air filters are mainly used to filter materials,The substance that can be removed is a small amount of bacteria and a certain range of dust,Can not purify the toxic and harmful gases in the air;The purifier can purify harmful substances, bacterial viruses, dust, etc. in the air,The effect is r

Smith water purifier and Qinyuan water purifier which is good? First of all, determine the role of water purifiers, such as filter filters, RO pure water machines, central water purifiers, direct drinking machines and all-in-one machines. select water purifiers to go to Shangbao to inquire about the water purifiers of specific specifications and brands. The following is an introduction: Ultra-filter, ultra-filtration is a pressurized membrane separation technology, that is, a special film that enables small molecule solutes and solvents to pass through a certain pore size under a certain pressure, the solute of the large molecule cannot pass through and stays on the side of the membrane, thus partially purifying the large molecule. Generally, it is composed of ultra-filtration membrane and stainless steel shell. Suitable for whole house central water purification. The flow of the central water purifier in the whole house is large, so it can provide the central whole house water purifier. The water purificatio
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