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What's KaiCheng working time?
Dongguan KaiCheng Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. is the pioneer in the R&D of inflatable tents. KaiCheng always focuses on staff management and sci-tech innovation. During business operation, we attentively make progress and improve ourselves, so as to gain achievement in the Manufacturing Inflatable Products industry. We always look forward to creating brilliance with new and old customers. inflatable ottoman's application range is specifically as follows. KaiCheng's inflatable tents for sale is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. With excellent quality, inflatable furniture brings new experience to customers. The product is coated with non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials. The product is applied by more and more people for its advantage of high cost performance. It only takes 5-20 minutes finishing the setup without any tools. If you would like to purchase our products, please contact us as soon as possible.

Water purifier, water softener, pre-filter, which kind should be used to reduce scale? First, water purifierAt present, the water purifier products on the market generally have three purification methods: micro filtration, ultra filtration and RO reverse osmosis.1. RO Water purification principle is also called RO reverse infiltration principle. RO reverse infiltration is a filtration treatment of raw water through the current international popular reverse osmosis and other methods (physical method) after adding no compound, the pure water machine (also known as terminal water purification equipment) that can be directly consumed by human beings is produced ). The purified water produced by RO reverse infiltration water purifier is fresher, cleaner and safer than bottled water. its use is very wide: it can be drunk raw or boiled, the most prominent feature in this regard is that the kettle or electric Thermos will no longer scale.2. the ultra-filtration water purifier is one of the most frequently

Instructions for Use of Angel filter Problems with RO and UFFirst of all, RO features a variety of filter rods for different water quality, which is basically no objection. Mainly for the problem of direct drinking. Here I am reiterating that the original design of the RO is to drink directly, so there are multiple choices of filter rods specific to different water quality, but what I want to say is that the flow of the filter rod is there, the water output also shows that it is not suitable for most domestic water. My friend used this kind of RO in a certain research institute, and she was miserable every time she received water.Secondly, I want to add what I said before. The filtration accuracy of RO type is not necessarily better than that of UF. The basic filtration accuracy of aihuipu, a well-known brand of 1000-1500 yuan and less than 1000 yuan, is 0.5 microns, and the filtration accuracy of Lisheng ultra-filtration is 0.01 microns. Hanshill's Ro film filtration accuracy is 0.01 microns
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